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The ‘Institute of Arabic Language and Culture‘ was established in 2010 . Since its inception it has welcomed hundreds of students from various ages and backgrounds. Amongst the cohort that have studies with us have been employees at the MOD who have solidified their Arabic before being posted overseas.  Our students are predominantly postgraduate students who study on the weekends and evenings over a varied period ranging from 12 months to 3 years.

Based in the heart of UK, namely West Midlands, the IALC was established with the aim of providing anyone with enthusiasm, dedication and discipline with a thoroughly solid grounding in the Arabic Language irrespective of background or indeed religion.  This programme was not designed exclusively for people of the faith but anyone wishing to enrich their lives with the introduction of the Arabic language into their lives. Hence, we deemed necessary to include within our programme units on the culture of the Arabs to offer a context to the culture.  

We have since inception provided teaching support for numerous other institutions who offer Arabic Language as part of their wider language programme. We provide our teaching expertise both in person and by way of syllabus so that students do not struggle with the difficulty of the Arabic Grammar. Of course, since the pandemic we have reached out to an ever-increasing audience via Zoom and have hundreds of students that we teach weekly.    

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